About Sceritz & IVWall

Hi I'm John B. Robinson IV, AKA Scooter, AKA Sceritz and this is IVWall (The Fourth Wall), the inter-dimensional fabric which separates reality from unreality, and which is oft-times shattered so that different dimensions might mesh together to produce something awesome. By day I am a Network Analyst, Husband and Father, but by night I am an Internet scouring, Video-game Playing, Comic Book Bingeing, Star Wars Fantasizing nerd that likes to code websites and rant about my passions. The problem with ranting is needing a place to do it. And thus IVWall.

So what is this Blog about? Simply? Anything and everything that comes to my mind, but to better summarize. I am a Black Nerd. I have a very discreet passion for diversity and the empowering of people of color. This passion intertwines seamlessly with my love for comics, sci-fi, and other often obscure forms of media. This blog serves as a outlet for the expressions of these particular passions.

Aside from nerdhood, I am a Husband, Father, Network Analyst, Computer Tech, Web Designer, Veteran, Writer, Lyricist, Gamer, Compulsive Thinker, Hip-hopper and avid Marvel-head. Welcome to the other side of the wall.