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The Blind Soul

Tue, 08/16/2016 - 18:14

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This is a short writing I created 7 or so years ago, rediscovered by scouring the internet. It was addressed to a particular person, in a way, but it's meaning may also apply to those who have their own contumacious thoughts about things and refuse to see them from another perspective. It is as frustrating conundrum because sometimes we find ourselves being exceedingly subjective or biased without even thinking about it. Anyways, it's very short, and I honestly had forgotten about it until I came across it in doing some SEO work. So I figure, Why not re-post it? I made no fixes or edits grammatically, on purpose. I hope you enjoy,

The Blind Soul

There was once a blind soul. This being meandered many days in his lonesome, searching for meaning in, and appreciating the many wonders of the world. Genuinely enthralled, he was content with what he found, and how he explained various phenomena away to himself in capitulating justifications, and elucidations.

Then he met man. This was indeed the most fascinating subject he'd come across yet. A creature capable of higher thinking, sentient beyond natural instinct... it was... it was remarkable!

This blind soul then had a conversation with man he told him of all the things he'd discovered and concluded about the real world, he enjoyed these discussions as did the man. They befriended each other.

One day they were having a talk as usual, when the man challenged something to soul said, and told him, in actuality, his view of this particular issue was incorrect. The blind soul frowned. This was nonsense for he had perfectly deciphered every abstract of life with faultless precision.

The man asked the soul "Do you know that you are blind?" The soul burst into rolling laughter, as he condescended on the man who he knew, knew so little. "no lesser being has the right to speak words of foolery unto me, for I have discovered, and know the meaning of all, and the way everything in this simple, yet ravishing world works."

The man told the soul, "But you are blind, and though right about some things, you do not see the world the same as I, it is ok, for another perspective to be considered at times"


And so the blind soul left the man frustrated, never to return to the man's side. He refused to accept a fallacy of his own. Begrudged he trudged miserably, and without the company he loved so much. The world that was once so enticing, now proved dull in comparison. His joy had fled him, and though it stood right within his grasp, he refused to accept it, at the cost of his own pride. He refused to open his eyes. And so, the blind soul, remained blind.

Image Credit: Sultan-Alghamdi


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