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REVIEW: Darth Vader #10- "To Save a Jedi"

Wed, 02/28/2018 - 03:51

DARTH VADER #10 | Writer: Charles Soule | Artist: Giuseppe Camuncoli | Colorist: David Curiel | Letterer: VC Joe Caramagna | Release Date: January 10, 2017 | Price: $3.99

We’ve hit a milestone in the new Darth Vader series folks. It seemed like just yesterday that I was picking up the first issue, but we have finally made it to issue #10 of the second volume of the dark lord’s story in Marvel’s Star Wars line up. I have to say that I am exceptionally impressed at Charles Soule’s work here.

In Darth Vader #10, The Dark Lord of the Sith must choose what decision to make when it comes to the old Jedi Archives Master, Jocasta Nu, and then face his Master Palpatine after making such a decision.

I’ve really been enjoying the obtuse approaches that Soule is taking with Darth Vader in this new book. I’ve said a few times before that I think tackling him as a “new” Sith Lord and watching him grow into that towering terrifying figure that we saw for the first time in ’77 was an excellent decision on his and Marvel’s part. Each new arch is a new trial he must undertake, like a new lesson to fashion him into that Darth Vader. Taking on Jocasta Nu as an antagonist (at least from the perspective of Darth Vader being the odd protagonist), was one of the most interesting and intriguing decisions yet. In fact, I think it was good moreso because he’d just fought and defeated Master Infil’a who’s style was more combat oriented. Nu is more of the mind.

So, when Darth Vader #10 started off with the older woman Jedi blasting off at Darth Vader with a gun powered by her lightsaber, I was curious to see where it was going to go, especially since Vader had strict orders not to kill her. Honestly, while I root for him as being the “cool” character, my moral soul of righteousness wanted to see Jocasta prevailing, or if not, somehow still surviving the ordeal. Of course, dreamers must dream.

I love the close details that take care to remind the readers of the fact that not many know who Vader is and given that this is not long after Episode III, the Clone Troopers still have a default mission of killing all Jedi as compelled by Order 66. The problem with this is that Darth Vader, a lightsaber wielding individual, no matter the color, looks not like a Sith (because they don’t know what a Sith is, but instead like a Jedi. I like that they fire on him, and that he responds accordingly.

I also immensely enjoyed how after fighting through all of the troopers and resigning to risk the fall instead of being captured, Vader uses the force to catch Jocasta Nu, saving her regardless of not wanting to be saved. The discussion that follows concerning the information on the drive she took is also interesting. Though she loses in the sense that she has been defeated captured, and may be killed, she wins by protecting the information by putting the thought in Vader’s still impetuous mind that he may want to destroy the info. And that’s just what he does.

Like all previous issues of the book, the art in this is incredible. There is never a boring page, and the action, especially in this issue, tends to keep the reader entertained. I’m particularly intrigued by the look of Jocasta in action when she’s fighting against the troopers. The entire scene for the several pages is extremely compelling. I am also taken aback by the cover. It’s quite portentous for lack of better word, and the detail is stunning.

We have come to the close of yet another arc in the Darth Vader series and I’m quite anxious to see where Charles will take us next. Are we going to see characters from Star Wars lore? Perhaps brand-new characters? What new challenge is the dark lord of the Sith going to have to deal with next. Will we see a battle with Palpatine by chance? I’m excited, and I can’t wait.



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