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Sceritz @ DragonCon 2017!

Wed, 09/13/2017 - 10:30

I am late on my recap of DragonCon this year, but perhaps this is due to the simple fact that this time around it was overwhelmingly awesome! The best thing about the con is the atmosphere. As you travel between the Marriot, Hyatt, America's Mart and other areas, you find yourself immersed in a world of hyper-reality. During my con experience this year, I had a conversation with R2-D2, got called out by Deadpool, who claimed I stole his shirt (I was wearing a Deadpool shirt), got a successful "bye!" from Ming-Na Wen, took goofy pictures with John Barrowman, did the robot with Darth Bender, shouted a highly successful Rufio call, and jumped to hit a Mario question box which actually yielded me a real coin. And that's just walking around. I did so much more (including sitting through really loud, really bad Karaoke).

I saw Stan Lee. Not only did I see the legend, I was only a few rows from the front in his panel. The wait was long, but well worth it. In fact I recorded about 95% of it live. The quality isn't the best but it is certainly watchable. I have the video down below.

Aside from that I spent most of my time in Comics, Star Wars, and of course the Whoverse. I went into panels that featured Matt Smith (the 11th), Alex Kingston (River Song) and Karen Gillian (Amy Pond), which were all amazing. I also hung out with various friends including clix buddies like Khari, stoppping by to hangout with Artist SilverBax with our matching Thanos shirts (of his design!) and hanging out with several ladies of Nerds of Prey and Black Girl Nerds (Ask about Ghetto Pizza!).

My favorite panel of the year was the Women in Comics panel led by Kelly Sue DeConnick. She put a twist on it. In response to past "Women in Comics" with all male panelists, she conducted a "Men in Comics" panel with all Women panelists and the ironic charade was to die for. I took video live, and though the quality is low, I have it here for viewing below.

And of course, I can't forget the amazing cosplay all around the con. (My family in the first photo!).

As always, I'm sad to see it come and go, but these great memories always make looking forward to next year that much more exciting.


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