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The Unworthy Thor #1: Review

Thu, 11/03/2016 - 02:37

This article will contain light spoilers from The Unworthy Thor #1

Every since Nick Fury whispered into the ear of the God of Thunder with secrets stolen from the trust of The Watcher, Thor Odinson dropped his hammer and hasn’t been able to lift it since. Relinquishing the name Thor, he now wonders the cosmos only as Odinson, the name granted by his father. Today, I picked up The Unworthy Thor #1, and I was not disappointed. With writing by Jason Aaron and Oliver Copiel on art, Marvel presented us with yet another formidable #1 and a classic cosmic journey to look forward to.

First I’d like to talk a little bit about the role switch here. Thor is the warrior of the Avengers. Some say he is the most formidable warrior to ever walk among gods and men. He does not fall in battle. If he does he is soon to rise again, or whoever brought him down is falling along with him. This issue opens up with Odinson being beaten senselessly (with much effort) by hordes of nameless aliens. This speaks to the adjective that defines his book- “Unworthy.” The metaphorical implication is enough to get me excited as to the battles he must face as an Asgardian without his god given birthright.

The entire issue holds a much deserved air of melancholy. Odinson doesn’t quite seem to be able to grasp the glory he once inspired, and he wallows in the despair of that fact. It’s only when he speaks to the new “watcher, called the “Unseen” that he is bestowed with a sense of purpose, and a new goal to achieve. After the destruction and reformation of the universe, and in the aftermath of the Secret Wars, another fell. That is to say another Mjolnir.

Another major revelation takes place, but I’ll stop now and say this. This #1 was well constructed. The tone is easily felt and the stage is set for a cosmic Avenger featuring the classic Odinson. It feels right for him to be in this position after everything that’s transpired and I can’t wait to see how he deals with this uphill battle to essentially become worthy again. I enjoyed this issue, but after being set up, I’m curious to see what happens in #2. I highly, highly recommend buying and listing this book. I don’t mind have both him and Jane Thor around, and I love the idea of bringing Ultimate Thor’s hammer into the mix. Read it folks, you won’t regret it.


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