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Hi, I'm Sceritz

Or formally, John B. Robinson IV. I am a nerd, writer, web designer and content creator... and this is the IVth Wall, the inter-dimensional fabric which separates reality from unreality.

Here's some stuff I do.


  • Articles/Reviews
  • Deus Ex Anima (Novel, In Progress)
  • Stay Woke
  • Scorpio
  • Do You Even Duels
  • Content Editor (Journalism)
  • Various Other Works

Web Design

  • IVWall
  • Do You Even Comic Book
  • Pizza Wali
  • Jose Salcido Campaign
  • Many more

Creator of

  • Do You Even Comic Book (Co-Founder, Runner)
  • Do You Even Review Podcast
  • Do You Even Duel Tournaments
  • Do You Even Comic Book Club
  • Monthly Writing Chat (DYECB)
  • Wakanda IV Ever Podcast


  • IT Network Admin
  • IT Network Analyst
  • Spectrum Analyst
  • Computer Tech
  • Army Veteran


  • Black Comics Chat
  • Supersuit Show
  • But Why Tho?
  • The Sith List
  • The Lounge, live Radio Show
  • #SWRepMatters Member
  • The Marvel Report Writer
  • Fantasy Comic League Division Leader
  • Social Media Curator