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Ahsoka Learns to Fight with Two Blades

Tue, 10/03/2017 - 16:10

In the new Star Wars: Forces of Destiny, Ahsoka trains with Anakin in the use of two blades. As we learned in Star Wars: Episode II when Anakin lost in combat with Count Dooku, two lightsabers doesn’t necessarily give you the advantage if you aren’t adept at using two. At what seems like the end of the session, Master Yoda arrives and requests to see Ahsoka’s progress demanding that she uses two blades. The dual bladed style (with two sabers or a double bladed one) is called Jar’kai, the sixth of the seven lightsaber forms. We know that Ahsoka is a master of Jar’kai as shown later in the Clone Wars and when she emerges again as Fulcrum, but this short Forces of Destiny episode shows us how she came to master it.

It started with Yoda. While she was uncomfortable with fighting with two blades, he forced her to do so and taught her that in order to master the use of two blades, she must use one to improve the other, and in addition she needed to use her own style in order to truly feel comfortable using Jar’Kai. Ahsoka always preferred to fight with her blade in an unorthodox underhanded style. When she employed her blades in this way, she faired far better.

This scene also has a clever way of paying homage to Ahsoka’s fight with Darth Vader in Rebels. Note the way that she blocks Master Yoda’s final attack. Foreshadowing perhaps? In either case, it makes tighter bonds on the story that surrounds Ahsoka and all of Star Wars. I love Ahsoka’s development. I think she may the most thoroughly developed in all of Star Wars lore, and this short only does more to solidify that theory. You can watch the video below.

“Much like Master and Apprentice two blades are. One can sharpen and improve the other.”


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