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Captain America #10 is the Blackest Comic In History

Mon, 06/27/2016 - 16:25

No seriously, this is the blackest Marvel comic in history. This will be a short write up, but be warned spoilers from the recent Civil War II event will follow.

Captain America: Sam Wilson #10 is the blackest comic in history, not only because Sam and Misty Knight are black, or that the target problem they’ve been facing since issue one is whether or not he deserves to be Cap, but because it single handled comprises 90% of the black hero population in Marvel right now.

In Civil War II #1, we find that James Rhodes, also known as War Machine, died in a tragic miscalculated assault (They tried to ambush friggin’ Thanos). As a result, the black characters of Marvel congregate to pay homage to him, as they lost one of their own. I think this is powerful, as in a single panel we see Luke Cage, Black Panther, Storm, Spectrum, Misty Knight, Cap, Nicky Fury, and Brother Voodoo in a single panel. I think there was a tear in the corner of my eye. James is dead, and they even mention Blade, who wasn’t able to make it. To put the cherry on top even RAGE, friggin’ RAGE, who I haven’t seen in years in panel, showed up at the end of the issue! Of course that isn’t everyone, there’s still 3-D Man, Gorilla Girl, Spider-Man, and others that aren’t here, but these are undoubtedly the core, and most important black characters.

Furthermore when Sam is confronted with the task of performing War Machine’s eulogy, Misty Knight tells him the one, very simple, yet tenacious, thing that every black reader has been thinking since he became Captain America back in 2014.

"Sam, You are a Black Man, and You are Captain America."

It is one of the most heartwarming things I’ve ever seen when it comes to my identity as a black guy who loves to read comic books. I thought about that as a kid. “Why aren’t there more black characters?” In all honesty, I knew why, but I let it roll off my shoulder. Thought there are obviously still far less PoC's in comics, this book right here is like the anchor for a real turning point for black recognition and identity in Marvel comics.

Go to your local show and buy it now. Thanks Nick.


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