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Champions #5: A Mirror for America's Political Morality

Thu, 02/02/2017 - 15:32

Art imitates life. In the comic medium this statement holds a unique truth. Heroes and villains can be used to juxtapose reality and introduce a metaphorical representation of what is inherently right or wrong in current day issues with all but blatantly stating it. Champions started strong with it's first four issues, but #5 dives in and unapologetically tackles the issues, not in the American political system itself, but rather it's current state of morality.

Page one opens up with a burning Mosque. Sound familiar? Do your research. Days after Trump's immigration order, a Mosque in Texas was burnt to the ground. Art imitating life, or life imitating art? I won't go into the minutiae of how long it can take to draw comic book pages but you can decide that for yourself. Page 2 quickly establishes that Sheriff Studdard of Daly County feels a "certain way" about a "certain people." The Champions then emerge from the burning building having saved the lives of brown-skinned Muslims.

The Sheriff immediately attempts to vilify the Champions who just saved lives, claiming that they don't understand anything about the way things run in Daly county. This to me sounds like statements currently made by the President's supporters to advocates of social justice of any background. When Viv (Vision's daughter) finds evidence that the bomb used to burn down the mosque was in protective custody, the police take it and dust it under the rug. Later, when the Champions try to confront the department for this, and a dialogue between one of the knowing officers opens up, in which he explains that no matter what he does, because of his position, and the fact that he is so well liked, they would never be able to incriminate him (as protesters supporting the Sheriff mass outside).

Then of course, there are the parallels about punching racist pricks.

The point is that real problems are happening in our country. You may try to write off a comic book as fantasy, or fake, or over-exaggerated but that does not hide the truth. What you read about Daly County in Champions #5 is actually what our country is going through as a whole, in the raw. Only we don't have super heroes to like the Champions to save us. Instead we have voices, and voices are powerful. Stop trying to normalize. Stop trying to justify. And listen to what Kamala Khan says:

Thank You, Mark Waid for giving us a dose of reality in your work, and I can never talk enough about Humberto Ramos's art. I love it. I may just carry this issue around in my back pocket and when someone tries to justify our current political climate, I'll simply had it to them.


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