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Creating Comics: Goal Setting for 2019

Mon, 12/31/2018 - 03:21

Hello! It's been a long 2018 and here at the tail end I've managed to start a series of short videos talking about my journey in creating comics. I know this blog has gone through some vast changes and that's because my life has gone through some changes as well. I'm sure those who used to follow me before realized that I was posting far less reviews and opinion pieces and that's because my creative energy has been flowing else where. Such is life. In any case, I'd like to let you see what I've been working on here starting with the latest video of my series "Creating Comics" called Goal Setting for 2019. These are meant to be nuggets but to continue the conversation all you have to do is find me on one of my many social media platforms. I'd be happy to discuss creating and writing with you. Please enjoy.


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