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Do Better Comics: Black Women Edition

Sat, 07/16/2016 - 02:44

Yaaay Riri! Oh is that it? Where are my other black women? Furthermore, where are my black women writers? The issue of diversity in all things has been something that has been long discussed, most often on the hush, but in the past few years social media and the internet community have created a real voice of demand for it in different forms of media. What the focus of discussion for right now will be, is comics, and specifically black women in comics.

Just a few nights ago in my usual twitter scouring, I came across a thread of tweets by Rat Queens’ artist Tess Fowler, and I had to make a quick write up based on a thread she made a raw rant on, because I don’t think it should simply be lost in a sea of innocuous tweets, nor do I think it could’ve have been said better. Her issue?

It’s something I’ve thought on myself, but only being a reader (mainly of Marvel), and not actually a writer, artist, or editor in the industry, I didn’t feel that my voice would be heard, based on my personal speculation, and lack of raw evidence aside from observation. Tess Fowler on the other hand has been in the industry for some time now.

Certain demographics in comics are marginalized. Pretty much every PoC is. But when you combine a PoC with the oppression of women within these realms you get something that can be nothing other than pure, racist, sexist hate. Tess is not just speaking into thin air. She makes it abundantly clear that she is speaking to comics- that being the creators of comics. She asks comics why it hates black women and why they aren’t doing anything about this very real problem.

Furthermore, she lets her passion for the art bleed through every tweet. It’s a tough love kind of beating, and I agree with every word.

I thought the entire thread and some of the discussions kindled from it were very thought provoking. If comics is what you do, whether it’s writing, drawing, or just reading, if this is a passion of yours in any way, it is your job to voice your opinions on these issues. And like Tess said, if you are a creator it is your job to acknowledge these issues, and fix them.

Thank you Tess Fowler for your words, and helping comics to get WOKE.

You can read the entire thread starting here:


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