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The Inhumane Treatment of The Inhumans

Wed, 10/04/2017 - 09:50

The Inhumans television show is yet another example of why Scott Buck doesn’t need to be doing Marvel’s super hero shows. This is two tragedies. Do we really need to go for a 3 strikes before we put him out? The rage that seethes in my bones beckons me to warn you that this will be one of what my website’s tagline suggests… a livid rant. Quite like the X-men, the Inhumans have been a team of people I’ve come to love. The Royal family in their esteem, power, journeys and learning experiences, have come to be a group of individuals on my comic pages that I highly respect. I do not feel that level of the people I saw on screen.

First and foremost, we open with a scene with Blackbolt and Medusa in an intimate setting, establishing their love for one another. This was a scene I could appreciate as it sets the tone for their relationship as the show continues on. It’s one of the few things that I enjoy. However, as things go, we are able to quickly see how… incapable, and I dare say naïve, each member of the royal family is. When Maximus takes over, it’s hard to believe how easily the city guards and the like follow him. While I understand that he manipulated things to make it look like the Royal family left them, the entire execution is hardly believable.

Furthermore, Maximus, one of the best actors on the show, based on his past roles on shows like Misfits and Game of Thrones, doesn’t act anything like his comic counterpart. One the pages, the man shows prowess and personality traits of a mad genius, but here in the show while unsettling, he’s frankly, boring. He doesn’t do well to capture the “madness” of Maximus the mad at the same time that he points out the Royal family’s wrong doings, and it takes away from the “villainous” aspect of the character, despite his ruthless killings.

The Inhumans show also has a horrible villain problem. I’m not talking about Maximus himself. While he doesn’t strike me as the character he should be, he’s also not what makes this fail alone. Auran, the super cop (who for some reason thought not to give the ears she had in the comics), while one of the most appealing characters, does not fill the role of a single major threat, and aside from her there are no other real villains. It all feels very weak, for lack of better word. The Inhuman Royal family were all taken down by an unconvincing enemy that is meant to be what I’m guessing is the best fighter of them all.

Speaking of fighting… none of it is good, whether with powers or hand to hand. The best scene is probably with Blackbolt facing off against the cops and even that is very “meh.” Medusa has a few seconds of hair time before she is over powered and it’s cut. Crystal doesn’t even get a chance to use her powers until far later, and then she does nothing. Karnak, while I enjoy his analysis of things, does not look the role as far as body build nor fighting style. This is a man who can challenge the best of the best hand to hand fighters in the Marvel Universe and his fighting looks bad.

It all feels very, very rushed, and I don’t think character’s physical ability or ability to look convincing while fighting was brought into consideration before they were cast. Then they barely looked trained at it, at all. It looks like one of Syfy’s bad shows (because nowadays Syfy has many good shows) and it shouldn’t look like any Syfy show. It should look like a comicbook show, because that’s what it is. Heroes and powered people don’t look as weak as the people in the show, and the Inhumans would never be so easily taken. These are people that have conquered empires.

If I choose not to think about how badly executing all the action was and how horribly bland everyone's acting was, there still remains the fact that Auran alone sent to hunt the Royal family just doesn’t raise any stakes in my mind. It all feels like tenuous, barely believable writing, with acting that isn’t much better, in most cases. I don’t want to say that the choices were bad for casting, because I’m not sure if that’s fully the issue. But the entire thing feels cheap, and the Inhumans are anything but. Next to Iron Fist, this is Marvel’s worst show by miles, and even without seeing the episodes to come, I don’t see much that can make it better without starting over from scratch. I digress. Rant, over.


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