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REVIEW: Superb #2-"Cosmosis"

Tue, 08/22/2017 - 09:14

SUPERB #2 | Writer: David F. Walker & Sheena C. Howard | Penciller: Ray-Anthony Height | Colorist: Veronica Gandini | Letterer: Tom Napolitano | Price: $3.99

Dr. Sheena Howard and David F. Walker dropped the second issue of this new Catalyst Prime comic last week, bringing new hotness that continues to fuel reader's interest. Superb #2 opens with the intrepid teen metahuman, Cosmosis, coming to terms with the fact that his latest heroic excursion, while Noble, may have been just a slight bit impetuous. Despite his clearly capable power, his lack of experience turns the odds against him when doing battle with several armed men trained take down threats like him.

Making a narrow escape, he finds himself in the yard of his neighbor and at a time, best friend, Kayla. She brings him inside to shelter with what may be an unnatural, if not supernatural feat of strength. The Foresight Corporation, as resourceful as they are, have narrowed down the possible location of Cosmosis, and are knocking on his door when we are left with the ever frustrating but intriguing cliffhanger.

Something Superb #2 does is make a few more strokes on the Foresight canvas. Without any other Catalyst Prime books, there are a few ways to look at the organization based off issue 1. First, we know they are all about control. Based on self-implemented authority, they take enhanced people to do, what seems like, whatever they want. Some of their dialogue can also imply that while their methods are brash, but they may think the ends justify the means. I realize that with issue #1 alone, we are looking at the story through Kayla and Jonah's perspective, which paints them in a less than affable light.

Then, in Superb #2 Cosmosis is chased, shot, and as he flees he discovers something that surprisingly paints the story in a much darker light. Bodies. Haggard, shriveled bodies, faces frozen in horror, limbs folded and stuffed into cardboard boxes. Any doubts concerning the depravity of the company is smitten right there. New questions are raised and hope for the safety of any metahumans are squandered. From the looks of things, Foresight wants to create and control an army of enhanced, and are willing to go to any lengths to do so.

The book also goes into more focus on Kayla but despite her panel carrying Cosmosis, it's difficult to say whether she is enhanced or not, for sure. It seems that she was not living in Youngstown when "The Event" occurred, effecting 10% of the population in that area, though that's not to say that she wasn't affected elsewhere. This also brings to mind her parent’s clearance as employees of Foresight. They are exempt from searches. Does this somehow protect her? I'm sure we'll learn soon. In either case, we know that she's a strong, independent young woman. She stands up for people, deals with her parent's constant absence, and even runs what seems like an assertive and at least somewhat popular, podcast.

I'm enjoying the art in this book. I am in love with the detailed line art and rich colors. While the colors aren't blindingly bright they certainly fit the book without doing the grim gritty themes of 80’s Frank Miller. Each face, even of background characters, has its own distinct look. That's a skill I can appreciate. Ray-Anthony's action sequences are incredible. The panel by panel beats and action to action transitions are seamless and well told. It's as important for an artist to tell a story as it is for a writer, and his skills are supreme.

Sometimes I hate reading books as they come out, primarily because I have to wait for the next part of the story for about a month! I'm really enjoying this series, about as much as I am Noble, and I know it's gearing up to take off. I just can't wait! Major thanks to Catalyst Prime, Dr. Howard and David Walker for giving us such a wonderful, quality book. Go list this now.



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