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REVIEW: Superb #3- "Not a Hero"

Thu, 10/05/2017 - 11:06

Superb #3 | Writer: Dr. Sheena C. Howard & David Walker | Artist: Ray-Anthony Height & Alitha Martinez | Colorist: Veronica Gandini | Release Date: September 20, 2017

David Walker and Sheena Howard have been giving us an amazing story, and though I’m behind on my reviews, I’m happy to finally get around to this one. In Superb #3, Jonah recovers from his attack from Foresight and convinces Kayla to meet up with his friend Abbie to discuss plans to return to Foresight, yet again. In the process of trying to talk him out of it on the way to school, Kayla accidentally reveals something pretty important about herself. She’s also enhanced.

I really like the characterization in this book. Both Kayla and Jonah are relatable in their own way, and this issue reveals a great deal of information about them and the plot. In a tragic reveal from his all but lifeless father, we find out that Jonah lost his mother during The Event. This would explain Jonah’s need to do the hero thing as well as his dad’s state of perpetual defeat. Given the fact that Jonah uses comic books as of an escape, when he’s endowed with powers, he likely things that it’s only right for him to use them to do what his comicbook heroes do. Which is also why he takes the name Cosmosis after his favorite hero.

But while Jonah wants to be a hero, Kayla wants exactly the opposite. While we don’t yet know the extent of her powers, we now at the very least that she has some for invulnerability, given that a speeding car crashed into her, and she didn’t so much as budge. Despite these abilities, she wants very much to live a normal life. It’s ironic that her urging her polar opposite to do the same, that she ends up revealing herself, and going forward, will inevitably be the target of foresight. I like how, despite how careful she is when it comes to protecting Jonah and discussing his vigilante activity, she still ends up revealing herself by complete, bizarre accident.

We find out a few other things in this issue as well, one of which that is, Gomez is hiding information from Lorena. While it seems that Foresight as a whole is looking for enhanced individuals, it seems also that the branch Gomez is in charge of, is doing some “extra-curricular” activity. He’s training a militia of powered children that he likely hopes to control. To what ends? It’s hard to say. We also find out that Kayla’s parents have discovered some means of keeping the human body from decomposing in dead and living humans. To me, that translates to, “They have a Fountain of Youth Serum.” Not only that, they are afraid of letting Gomez know about it.

As stated about previous issues, I really enjoy the art in this book. When it comes to Kayla, I continuously Marvel at her thick hair and dark skin. On Jonah, I can’t get over how well the capture the “typical nerd” look, if there ever was one. He definitely has it. The ink work is thick which is a preferential thing for me as I think it solidifies the work that much more. I prefer thick dark lines. The coloring does shading immaculately and with a brightness that makes everything easy on the eyes. Coupled with Walker and Howard’s writing, this is a Superb creative team.

I shouldn’t have to say that I’m looking forward to the next issue of Superb, but I’m going to anyways. I’m looking forward to the next issue of Superb with great anticipation. After the reveal on this last page, I need to know what happens next. That has to the catalyst to something major and I can’t wait to see where it goes. If you aren’t picking up this boo, next to Noble, I rate this the highest that I’ve read from the Catalyst Prime Universe. Buy it! List it! #MakeMineCatalystPrime!


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