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Scorpio Funded + Pre-Orders + My Comic Creation Journey

Sat, 12/08/2018 - 07:01

It's been a good long while since I've updated here. Truth be told I've been busy creating comics, insomuch that I haven't been updating my personal content like I should be Well, here I am.

I have funded my first comic on kickstarter with an astounding 6.7k... which was 2.7k over my intended goal. I am mind blown! With that being said I'm working hard to fulfill that kickstarter and get the book to the printer, and into backer's hands. I have the books up for pre-sale right now, and you can do that on the scorpio page

In other news, I've decided that with the creation of this comic -since there has been great deal of questions that I've received from followers, friends, and fans- I am going to be chronicling my comic creation journey with things I learn along the path. This will be done in the form of blog posts and short videos, which you can follow here.

Expect more content from me in the future, and thank you so much for those have supported me and continue to support me going forward. Much love.


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