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Sat, 05/27/2017 - 05:09

Validvictorian Productions is making a short film. Who you ask? Validvictorian is an ironically named, budding television and film production company, with a focus on implementing diversity and inclusion on a very real level. A company composed entirely of black women, Validvictorian strives to connect with a vast audience, and create impactful films, with powerful storytelling. Their first project is a short film called 23 16 9.

The feature will focus on Veronica, mother of a wealthy, unapologetically black family and full time drug kingpin, for lack of more colloquial term. The short is cut from the meat of a much larger story, and will hover a lens over two unfortunate fellows, Sam and Declan, who owe Veronica money. Her daughters, Marisa, Michaela and Natalia are there to demonstrate their own unique set of skills to persuade the delinquent dealers.

The short 23 16 9 is written by Lauren Warren, and the creative team is made up primarily of black women. So far the revealed casting includes Brittany N. Williams as Michaela, Lauren Eason as Marisa, and Lauren Warren as Natalia.

For more information and to support this project you may do so on their Indiegogo page. You can also find more information about Validvictorian on their website.


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