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Wakanda IV Lyfe: Episode 14- "Black Panther v3 1-3"

Tue, 10/31/2017 - 05:55

Black Panther Podcast

Listen on Episode 14 of Wakanda IV Lyfe, The Black Panther Podcast as Sceritz and Sistah Geek discuss a slight restructuring of what Wakanda IV Lyfe will focus on in terms of content and providing the best Black Panther information base possible. This episode does a re-recap on Black Panther v3 Issues 1-3 by iconic writer Christopher Priest. Intro music by Beatbox Extraordinaire KRNFX.


Sceritz is John B. Robinson IV and John B. Robinson IV is a cosmic blerd with a passion for a obliterating the the IVth Wall and setting free the hordes of geek and fandoms scattered throughout the multiverse in the form of rants of epic proportions. Creator of IVWall.net.