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Wakanda IV Lyfe: Episode 18- "Black Panther v3 13-18"

Thu, 02/15/2018 - 10:46

On Episode 18 of Wakanda IV Lyfe, the Black Panther Podcast, Sceritz and Sistah Geek discuss issues 13-18 of Black Panther v3 the Christopher Priest run. They examine the aftermath of the Panther taking his country back and the misplaced love of Nakia, one of his young Dora Milaje.


Sceritz is John B. Robinson IV and John B. Robinson IV is a cosmic blerd with a passion for a obliterating the the IVth Wall and setting free the hordes of geek and fandoms scattered throughout the multiverse in the form of rants of epic proportions. Creator of IVWall.net.