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What Are You Doing For Others?: Naim Edward's Story

Sun, 07/24/2016 - 13:07

Naim Edwards, my roommate in my first year of College at Morehouse, has always been an intelligent black man with his heart in the right place. When I think of a man with values, and true pursuant in excellence in the balance of the mind, body and spirit, as well as the tenacity to leap headlong into trying or anxiety hampering situations, I always think back to him. In college, I was more of the unfocused, distracted breed, while he, while remaining social, was always doing something that challenged himself and opened doors. Regularly, he entered competitions, played tennis with the school President, etc.; and all while maintaining his schoolwork and putting up with my sometimes exasperating antics.

We hadn’t spoken in years, but I would see bits and pieces of his life in summarized nuggets via facebook, and I always I would see him doing something positive whether with his family, friends, or community, and I never had a doubt in my mind the he was out there in the world doing something great.

Recently I connected with him. This is 10 years later, mind you. There may have been a message or two in between that time, but nothing memorable. I inquired as to how he’d been doing. In response, he presented me with this video the explores the story of his most recent journeys in the pursuit of the betterment of urban community. I implore everyone (especially if you are black) to watch it. The entire thing. There’s something empathetically palpable about Naim’s passions, and a decade later, he’s still inspiring me with the size of his heart. I’m proud of him, and I hope his words inspire you too.

“What are You doing for Others?”

Keep on Brother.

Watch Naim tell his story Below:

Also use the link below to support Naim and his team's most recent project in Detroit!

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